WhatsApp is the largest messaging app in the USA with 9.4 million users. How do you benefit from this as an entrepreneur?

Only approaching your customers by phone and email is becoming old-fashioned. With a messaging application like WhatsApp you have many more options. This way you can personally help and convince your customers with images, videos and sound recordings.

Who is it suitable for?

First, WhatsApp is suitable for companies with customer service . With webcare via an app (appcare) you can respond effectively to a question or complaint. WhatsApp is very efficient as a channel. If you do appcare, you can expect a higher Net Promoter Score (NPS) (Greenberry). An NPS tells you to what extent your customers would recommend you to their environment. In fact, according to the American Express global customer service barometer, consumers are willing to pay 13 percent more if better service is provided.

Extra service is therefore good for the appreciation of your company. For example, a pizza courier can send a message via WhatsApp if he cannot find the address. As a technician you can, for example, ask your customer to send a photo of the broken boiler.

How do I do appcare?

Do you have a small business and do you want to do appcare? Then follow the following step-by-step plan:

Download and install WhatsApp on a company phone. The phone number is automatically linked to your account. Designate one employee to manage the phone

Choose a professional profile picture, your logo is ideal. Also enter an appropriate ‘status’ such as “How can I help you?”

Draw up guidelines for using WhatsApp. What are employees allowed and not allowed to communicate through the medium? Do you want to maintain a certain tone of voice?

Tell your customers that they can contact you via WhatsApp!

If you have a larger customer base, having just one person respond to messages isn’t practical. It is then smarter to give multiple employees access to the account via a special tool. Examples of such tools are TreeBranch and Watermelon.

How do I set up a campaign via Whatsapp?

Also try setting up a campaign with WhatsApp. For example, you can send funny videos or audio messages to individual customers. They are supposed to forward it to friends, so include this in your message!

Another option is to give customers the opportunity to talk to a special person.

For example, a well-known mayonnaise brand has set up a campaign in Brazil where the customer can sign up for help with cooking. The customer then has direct contact with the cook who helps him prepare a dish step-by-step. Do you own a catering business? Then think about letting your cook do the same!

How do I provide my target audience with information?

WhatsApp is a smart way to provide (potential) customers with interesting information. Messages on Twitter and Facebook are quickly snowed under. If you no longer want a message to be notified on WhatsApp, you must first open the message. The recipients will therefore read your message earlier. For example, do you have your own sports club? Then you can easily notify club members via WhatsApp if a training is canceled.

Please note, it is not the intention that your customers receive too many and irrelevant messages from you. They may find this disturbing. Always work towards communication from both sides. There must be a conversation between you and the customer.